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Collar Fit Guide

Help!  Which size collar do I buy for my dog?

It's important to measure your dog's neck each time you purchase a new collar be sure you have a proper fit.  This is easy to do and will only take a minute or two.   To accurately determine which size collar to buy, use a cloth measuring tape, or piece of string. Measure around your dog's neck where you'd like the collar to rest, and add 1-1/2" to the measurement (approximately the size of two fingers placed between your dog's neck and the collar).  Do not pull the tape too tight.  A collar shouldn't be tight around your dog's neck (therefore, it shouldn't be the exact measurement of your dog's neck).  For safety reasons, the collar shouldn't be too loose either so it doesn't catch on anything and potentially harm your dog.  A snug but not tight fit is the what you are trying to achieve.  Once you have the measurement, use the table below to determine the size of your collar and the size of your top bands.  

Use our Collar Fit Guide below to determine correct size collar and top band size for you dog.  Still have questions?  Email us at


 Our 5/8" wide collar is best suited for small to medium size dogs

Collar Size

5/8" Wide Adjustable Buckle Collar

Adjustable Lengths

Top Band Size
Narrrow Small 9" to 11" Narrow Small
Narrow Medium 11" to 13" Narrow Medium
Narrow Large 13" to 16" Narrow Large


  Our 1" wide collar is best suited for medium to x-large size dogs
Collar Size

1" Wide Quick Release Collar

Adjustable Lengths

Top Band Size
Wide Small 13" to 16" Wide Small
Wide Medium 16" to 19" Wide Medium
Wide Large 19" to 22" Wide Large
Wide X-Large 22" to 25" Wide X-Large