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How do you change the top bands?
The top bands are easy to change.  Simply adjust the collar to it's longest length and pull on the velcro top band so it "peels" off.  Then line up the replacement top band on top of the velcro on the collar and press into place along the length of the collar. Remember that the Pawsibilities label end of the top band should be on the end of the collar where the nickel "D" ring is.  Then adjust the collar to fit your dog's neck correctly.  Watch our video to see how it works.


How do you clean the collar and top bands?
Our collars and top bands are hand washable in mild detergent.  Please hang dry.  The tops bands may curl when removed from their packaging.  To flatten, place a white cotton cloth over the ribbon side of the top band and gently iron with the iron set on a low/medium heat setting.

What size collar and top bands should I buy?  
It's important to measure your dog's neck each time you purchase a new collar be sure you have a proper fit.  This is easy to do and will only take a minute or two.   To accurately determine which size collar to buy, use a cloth measuring tape, or piece of string. Measure around your dog's neck where you'd like the collar to rest, and add 1-1/2" to the measurement (approximately the size of two fingers placed between your dog's neck and the collar).  Do not pull the tape too tight.  A collar shouldn't be tight around your dog's neck (therefore, it shouldn't be the exact measurement of your dog's neck).  
For safety reasons, the collar shouldn't be too loose either so it doesn't catch on anything and potentially harm your dog.  A snug but not tight fit is the what you are trying to achieve.  

Once you have the correct measurement for your dog's neck, view our Collar Fit Guide page to find the collar and top band size you need.

 I saw a top band that I loved and it's no longer on your site.  Why?
We work with many ribbon manufacturers and wholesalers to bring you fun and interesting collar tops. Their inventories change and occasionally a print will be discontinued.  So, if you see something you want, it's best to purchase it right away.

Our line of designs is constantly evolving so check back often to see our new styles.  If there is something specific that you want that is not on our site, please contact us and we will try to special order it for you and custom make the perfect top band for you.

I own a retail or internet store and would like to carry your collar system.
That's great!  We are looking for venues to showcase our products.  Please email us at or use our Contact Us form and we will get back to you with details.


Do you have an affiliatie program?
Yes!  We have an exciting program to help you earn money through sales referrals.  Please email us at or use our Contact Us form and we will get back to you with details.  


 Where do you get your top band ribbons?
We search around the world for new and interesting ribbons and other materials from which to make our top bands. Although we try to purchase American products whenever possible, we do buy from international partners as well.  However, our collars and top bands are assembled in the U.S.A.  It might cost a little more to produce the products in America, but we feel it's important to support our national economy.

Why do you give a portion of your profits to animal charitable organizations?
We believe that all companies should give back to their communities or organizations whose missions align with the company's core values.  We want to be part of the movement to end animal suffering whether it's the loneliness of pets in shelters, animals in need due to natural disasters, the cruelty of animal testing for human vanity, or the heartbreak of pet parent's not having money to pay the medical expenses for their beloved pets. We give back a minimum of 10% of our profits each year to help fund these efforts so these organizations can focus their energies on their important work and less on worrying about money.